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Equipment supply

Supplying new and refurbished import equipment with warranty and post-warranty services.

  • The equipment of all types for thin films vacuum sputtering, plasma etching, photo resist stripping, photolithography, ion implantation, CVD, PECVD etc.
  • The equipment for 100-300mm wafers back grinding including TAIKO process.
  • Assembly equipment including wafer dicing, mounting of the dies to the packages using sealing, sodering, eutectic, Al, Au, Cu leads bonding, encapsulation, chipping, lead forming, automatic devices packaging methods.
  • Control and testing equipment including automatic probing on a wafer, package static and dynamic thermal parameters control, equipment for all test types of the wafers and packaged devices.
  • The equipment for wafers and packaged devices production according to the modern SiC, GaN, TSV, 3D technologies.