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The history of JSC Syntez Microelectronics begins in 1992 when Syntez Ltd. was founded. Its main specialization was supplying the domestic electronic components to Russian manufacturing companies. For more than 20-year history the company has considerably expanded the main areas of its specialization.

Nowadays JSC Syntez Microelectronics specializes in providing the turn-key solutions and services starting from the developing, manufacturing of the dies, assembling to the testing of IC, power discrete RF transistors and the most up-to-date SiC, GaN, TSV microelectronics technologies.

Manufacturing capabilities of the foreign (Freescale, XFAB and others) and Russian partners are being used for fabrication of dies with 65-350nm lithography.

The strong side of the company is developing, manufacturing and exporting of the power Si RF bipolar MOSFET, LDMOS transistors. These parts meeting the international specifications are exported to Europe, USA and Asia. According to the customer’s technical requirements full assembly of the new and modernization of the current RF transistors can be provided including the development of the dies, packages, assembling and testing of the finished parts. Nowadays the company takes part in the developing of 0.35 um RF LDMOS, MOSFET transistors on 200mm wafers in Russia.

JSC Syntez Microelectronics offers Russian semiconductor companies supplying the wide range of import materials and services for dies production (including wafer foundry), assembly (packages, lead frames, ceramics, instruments and others), measurements and testing (sockets, carriers, trays and others) for IC and semiconductor devices. The company has a profound experience of supplying the most up-to-date new and refurbished technological, assembling measuring and test equipment from different countries of the world.

For more than 20 years our company has been working in the spheres of production the automotive electronic components for the Russian cars and trucks including the ICs and power bipolar and MOSFET transistors for the electronic ignition units, voltage regulators, turn relays etc.

The specialists of JSC Syntez Microelectronics have professional skills of the modern IC assembling technologies as well as MOSFET, IGBT in different package types and able to use this knowledge for assembling of the parts according to our own developed designs and the parts of the partners on the assembly plants in Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, China. The company is also working with the modern 3D assembly including TSV Interposer developing.

JSC Syntez Microelectronics is the modern company working in the leading spheres of semiconductor microelectronics and having customers and partners in more than 30 countries on different continents of the world.